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Christopher Hayes helps organizations align internal and external communications and operations for brand equity, business development and institutional advancement. As a hands-on, deep generalist, Chris thrives in roles that call for strategy, communications, marketing and creative execution.

An award-winning image developer, filmmaker and writer, Chris's strategic focus, attuned messaging and curatorial design skills emphasize editorial and creative to enhance alignment, extend outreach, raise revenue and increase impact.

Christopher's creative direction and project management expertise include client discovery, concept development, creative direction and execution. His business and nonprofit communications and product development clients span many sectors, including: advertising & marketing; construction; education; energy; engineering, science & technology; environmental & sustainability; film & television; healthcare; industrial & manufacturing; public affairs & media relations; and, trade shows, entertainment & events.

Experienced in strategic positioning of programs, companies and organizations, Chris's skill in assessing organizational needs and leading business development, marketing and fundraising initiatives encompasses:

  • Business Development & Institutional Advancement
  • OEM Product Development & Project Management
  • Corporate & Human Resources Communications
  • Internet/Website Application Development
  • Marketing & Fundraising Campaigns
  • Corporate Profiles, Messaging & Visual Identity
  • Copywriting, Design, Media Production & Public Relations.
  • Image Development & Brand Equity

A 13x Award Winner, Chris holds highest honors for Corporate Image, Copywriting and Fundraising
Communications, and Bronze Awards in Public Relations, Copywriting, Recruitment, Documentary,
Education, History, Biography, and Video and Online Production and Editing. A graduate of New York
University's Tandon School of Engineering and the Tisch School of the Arts, Chris holds a Master of
Science degree in the Management of Technology from NYU's Executive Degree Program, a Bachelor
of Fine Arts degree from NYU's Institute of Film & Television, and was elected
2001 Class Representative.

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